trees stretch out

                                                              their bare limbs

                                                                 snow forecast


early gift

on front lawn

snow dusting


COMMENT: Haiku contains two parts, a fragment and a phrase. In the above  “early gift on front lawn” is the phrase and “snow dusting” the fragment. The fragment can be either in the first or third line. Keep the  fragment and phrase in mind so you don’t end up writing a three line sentence instead of a haiku. Eg. An early gift of snow dusting is in my front lawn.

Be alert to what is around you today and write a haiku about it!

up in the air

over a leader

gaggle of geese

A few comments on how this haiku came about:

1) Driving home from the store, I noticed geese flying in a disorderly pattern without a leader. (Notice that haiku possibilities are everywhere).

Eventually a leader emerged and the geese flew on in a typical V pattern.

2) Reflecting on this leadership pattern, I thought of how a group, large or small relies on a leader. A good leader aids all in reaching a desired destination.

3) Putting these two thoughts together, a haiku was created.

Hopefully this provides a bit of an idea of a haiku is created without getting into too many rules. Try throwing two ideas together and see what evolves.

More thoughts to follow in future posts.